Monday, September 5, 2016

Not just another day

How do I describe one of the most tender, sweet, joyful moments of my 61 years in this mortal experience?  One that rocketed my heart into space, bouncing it off the moon and soaring through the galaxy.

I have four fabulous children who have each taught me that God is real, because in them, I see His workmanship.  Three have been married for various lengths of time to their heaven-sent spouses.  But God's choice for Tyler, our youngest, had remained unknown and unfound for what felt like a long time.   T'wasn't that long really ..... it just seemed so to us.   Every parent wants their child to have it all and we want them to have it now.  And by "all" ... I mean happiness.

And happiness ..... finally arrived.  Her name is Allyson.

The world outside thought it was just another day.  Cars sped by on the freeway carrying people living their lives.  Businesses, stores, restaurants nearby, all doing their thing.  But inside that magnificent building called the temple, whose spires rise above the trees and point to heaven .....  two families gathered in a quiet room to witness the creation of a new family.  We watched the joining of two precious souls as they made eternal, sacred, marital covenants to each other and to God.  We rejoiced and we cried.  We felt the nearness of family passed on, rejoicing with us.  Angels sang.  Heavenly Parents smiled.  I cannot adequately express my feelings as I watched my beloved fourth and last child follow the steps of his two older brothers and his sister, receiving the happiness for which we had prayed for years ...... there are no words.

Only that ... my joy is complete.   I have seen heaven.

Photo by Lindsay