Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blog overhaul

Since my last post was over a month ago and my interest has been waning, I wondered if this blog had "run" its course.  I used to feel the call of the keyboard whenever it'd been more than a week without a post ..... but lately, I just haven't cared.  And Running and I aren't feeling the same joy together anymore.  Like any struggling relationship, we have grown apart.  We still head out together, but the runs are fewer and forced.   The harmony is gone.  I only go to keep peace in my head.

That said, I am still, and hope to always be, a devotee of covering ground on my own power.  There will always be walking.  THAT I learned in my early youth and it remains a close friend.  I came to the obvious realization recently that I can combine a good walk with an errand.  Duh!  It's just about two miles from my house to our bank, and banking paperwork is easy to carry.  I've also made a few runs to that same bank, but it's on those occasions when the teller seems to take thrice as long as usual forcing me to stand there in all my steamy frizziness, and when the deposit is finally done, I return to the outdoors a sweaty mess.   Shopping also doesn't mix well with a walk as I inevitably drag home a bigger load than I went for.

We also enjoy a brisk hike, and Husband is reopening the annual talk of a grandiose biking trip spanning most of the Oregon coast.  This trip has been in his head for a few years and like most of the items on his bucket list, it has stubbornly entrenched itself there until we actually give in and do it.

So what to do with this blog?  I considered writing its final chapter, ending a wonderful phase of my life.  I seriously thought about a new blog.  One that isn't just, or mostly, about running.  According to Blogger, I have four blogs.  Two remain dormant most of the time, and I only trot them out for special events, like our annual Run Run Ye Saints and the occasional fitness challenge.  Then there's my political/religion blog, but it too has languished from neglect.  With a new blog, I could condense all my random thoughts and epiphanies into one.  Pare down.  Simplify.   I even started gathering a few possible titles not already taken in blogging world.   Then I packed all of these ideas into a mental pocket and went for a run.

One thing you've got to say for running -- it's a great time to think.  And this run produced a decision.  I will not start a new blog.  I will overhaul this one.  After all, I like this blog.  It has taught me a lot and we have come a long way together.

So there you are.  An old blog with a new look.  And an endless possibility of new subjects.  And there will be occasional reunion posts on running, a topic which will always command a big spot in my heart.