Saturday, March 5, 2016


It only took four days to sell our house.   T'was a little mind-blowing, to say the least.  We turn over the keys in about two weeks and then Life detours off its familiar path for awhile.   And no, I don't think the reality of what we've done has sunk in yet.

Let the record show that we CHOSE this.  We are willingly giving up a large and very comfortable home in a lovely neighborhood to live in a big rectangular rolling metal box.  Let the record also show that, as soon as we are tired of it, we will remove ourselves from said box and put ourselves back into house-normalcy.  So don't think we've hit upon hard times or are homeless.  No we haven't and no we're not.

We will stay close by as long as duties and responsibilities dictate and then beyond that, we still don't know.  Frankly, I'm nervous to travel in the above mentioned box because I am SURE that six miles out of town it will break down.  Husband tells me to not worry and if that happens, we'll have handy, ready-at-the-phone, roadside assistance guys hopping on over to fix the problem.  One reason for Husband's optimism and my pessimism is that I read RV blogs and he doesn't.

Here's to hoping this will never be us, even though it likely will be.
RVs are known for having "bugs" to work out and ours is no different.  So far Husband has purchased new tires and batteries, fixed a minor hose leak, replaced some kind of circuit for the water heater and the installation of the solar panels has been a series of setbacks.  (Don't ask.)  Not to mention installing something on our Jeep enabling it to become a "toad".  This means we will attach the Jeep to the rear of the motorhome somehow and hope we don't lose it along the interstate in Nebraska.   All this and we haven't even left the home-base yet.

In spite of the bugs, all the bloggers rave over the lifestyle.  So there must be perks, and it's the anticipation of those perks that fueled this whole plan.  Here's a fun one of our own -- Craigslist came through with a hydraulic "motorcycle lift" that will also attach to the rear of the motorhome (along with the Jeep), allowing us to bring our bike along too.  Therefore, at some point in the hopefully not-too-distant future, we will be returning to Utah's canyon lands so that Husband can live his dream of cruising through those gorgeous red rocks on his BMW bike with me hanging on behind him.   (Gotta admit, I'm excited about that too.)

Not our bike.  Stole this off the net until we can get back there to make our own picture.  
Meanwhile, I am gazing out onto my soon-to-be former back yard, with its moss-entrenched lawn, metastasizing weeds, and budding leaves that will bury the new owner next fall ..... and smiling.