Thursday, January 22, 2015

First World Whining

My internet has been down for three days and my personal meltdown is hovering closer.  If not for my iPad and phone, which can somehow pull the net out of some other source, the meltdown would have arrived by now.  The internet-tech guy on the phone said “they’re working on it”.  

Not good enough, People.  

Besides that, my elderly and dear-to-my-heart MacBook Pro laptop is lapsing into dementia.   I can’t even remember how old it is ..... maybe seven.... eight years old?  It has outlasted the lifetimes of our two previous laptops combined.  Hence, I am an Apple fan.  I don’t need to mess with the inner workings of a computer to configure it according to taste, which apparently is more doable on other PCs.  I just need it to work.     

After a rare sleeping-in morning, I got up to find dirt tracked around the house by my sweet but pre-occupied Husband whose shoes have been who-knows-where.  With a big sigh, I started the Roomba and headed off to fold laundry.  Life is hard sometimes.  

And who knows how long this washing machine will keep chugging along.  It’s over 20 years old and my dryer is almost 28.  (Thank you Maytag and Whirlpool.)  When they die, I will have to decide if I want to follow the trend with a front-loader.  Front loaders are NOT the answer to all life’s laundry problems, you know.  I do my reading.  I am aware.  

And our new, less-than-nine-thousand-miles, Jeep Grand Cherokee is overly fond of the dealer because it has been back there twice with issues concerning its Check Engine light.  Something about its DEF which is related to a government-mandated emissions control feature that China probably does not require over in its half of the world and who is, therefore, overly poluting the earth anyway.   Somehow I suspect that, if Toyota made an SUV that would fit in my garage AND pull our trailer, its Check Engine light would stay off.  

Finally, we have lived in this house nearly eleven years.  Eleven!  It’s even well into its second paint job.  How is that possible??  This means our house is not new anymore, evidenced by all those phone jacks we paid to have installed when it was built, that all sit unused now.  I’ll soon have to think about recarpeting and worry about the death of more appliances, like our garbage disposal which has begun to leak.  

However, to end on a positive note, Fox News has returned to Dishnet after a three-week contract dispute and I am happily back on the conservative cutting edge of world events.  Just in time for our president’s SOTU speech......  

Oh well, so much for a positive note.