Sunday, April 7, 2013

Still here

..... with no idea what to say.

So how about a running update?  I'm trying to ramp up my lagging miles and for one simple reason .... I've GOT to.  And it's my own dumb fault.  I let emotion entice me into volunteering to do another relay this summer.  Can there BE anything more bothersome than emotions?  They get me into trouble much too often, as in .....

Last week:  "It sounds SO FUN!  I can't be left out!  All those fun people!  It was a BLAST last time!  I WANT to do it!" 

So I sign up for the race/relay/whatever.  Then (inevitably) ......

This week:  "Gads!!  What was I thinking??  It's TOO hard!  I'm TOO old!  Now I have to TRAIN!  DANG IT!!"  

At least Favorite First DIL and Favorite Third Son are planning to do the relay with me.  It'll be their first, and I will be, as the expression says, showing them the ropes, so to speak ..... ha!  As if.  Also Favorite Daughter will be on a nearby team.  So in case I expire on the side of the road, there will be next-of-kin handy to deal with my remains.   

Sooooo, I got a whopping 10.5 miles in this last week.   Pretty sad considering I used to do 20 miles EVERY stinkin' week.  Without fail.  This time I am blaming the weather.  And an unexpected trip to Seattle.  And waffles .... never mind.  

BUT yesterday I ran two miles in the rain, which is significant because it was raining before I started, and I WENT ANYWAY.  A good sign!  A glimmer of hope .... and .... it's spring.  

Other than that, not much else is new in my life of running.  No cool new shoes or spiffy running accessories.  No collisions with motor vehicles.  No milestones.  Nothing on which to brag.  Still just schlepping along the same ol' sidewalks.   And in one last desperate attempt to perk up this drab post, here is my latest BEST running song, courtesy of above-mentioned Favorite First DIL.   (Thanks Lora!)  Warning:  If you are determined to hang onto a gloomy mood, do NOT click on it.