Friday, December 20, 2013

No excuses ..... The Boot and Me

Having recently undergone surgery to correct a bunion on my left foot, I have lots of down time and have no excuse not to write.  Since this blog was started when I discovered running and was ridiculously giddy about it, anything that is keeping me from running, as in surgery, seems worthy to discuss.
Not my foot.
For the record, I am no longer giddy.  That wore off a few years ago.  Except, of course, when I'm in a relay and the giddiness returns full bore.  Or when I ran that 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving non-stop with a better-than-expected time.  Oh yeah.  I plan to hit the pavement again as soon as I am allowed ..... the doctor thought about three months before I ease back into it, but the internet is supplying me with stories that make that seem a bit optimistic ...  I told him I had a relay in June and he seemed agreeable.  I choose to interpret that to mean I'll be back in top form by then, right?


Remember my last series of posts about prepping for backpacking?  Well my prep-mode did not fail me here.  Consider having surgery two weeks before Christmas ..... and not knowing what you'll be able to do once you're sent home from the hospital.  That little void of information motivated me to be ready for not only being disabled, but for the Big Day and the oncoming family.  So why did I choose to do it now?  For one thing, our insurance (which, thankfully, was NOT sabotaged by Obamacare .... at least not this year) renews every Dec. 1st.  This way I can get my other foot (which is not as bad) done next fall after our deductible has maxed out.  Plus I've got that relay in June .....

I bought loose-fitting pants that zipped at the ankle.  We hit up Costco for easy frozen meals.  The Christmas shopping is fairly well done and the tree is up.  The house was clean, laundry done, my hair washed .....  If I was on the ball, I would have taken a picture of the bottom of my right foot, on which I had written, "Not this foot".  But the point is, I was prepared.

Whatever it is that they give you to relax right before they start sawing into your bone, is revolutionary.  Apparently it is the same stuff that killed Michael Jackson.  I now have a little empathy for his addiction.  It was the best hour-and-a-half nap I had had in a long time.  The nurse noted how quickly I popped out of the slumber after the surgery, which shows you how this insomniac brain fights sleep at every turn.
The internet also warned of pain .... lots of it.  That, fortunately, has not been the case with me.  In fact after Day 3, I could no longer justify the pain meds which were giving me some awesome sleep.  Oh well, t'was nice while it lasted.

Doctor's instructions:  Rest, elevation, and ice.  I told Husband well in advance that there will be NO bedpans.  We were not going there.  Fortunately there was no need, for I have The Boot.

The ride home.
The Boot allows some limited walking.  Friend Sue loaned me crutches which were actually kind of fun, and a cane.  A big help.  By the way, a cane at Christmas time absolutely demands red ribbon and some tape .....

Added to The Boot, is My Bed.  Awww, my adjustable Tempur-Pedic.  A God-send.  Keeping my foot elevated is easy-peasy when you just hit the control button on the remote and up comes the end of the bed.  Heaven.

So all in all, it has been okay so far.  Now and then I feel a yearning for regular shoes and a long walk outside, a quick trip to the store, or a normal shower; but I can look forward to sandals, pedicures, and a straight foot in the spring.  

Things I'm learning:
~A pair of socks lasts twice as long when you only wear one at a time.
~I love a good excuse to be lazy.  (Actually, I already knew that.)
~A few non-stop episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress" can destroy brain cells.
~I love my iPad.  (I already knew that too.)
~Although boots are really IN right now, this one feels like it should be attached to a snow ski, rather than accompanying me under the sheets in bed.  I look forward to booting The Boot out at night.
~The Boot can double as a cell phone caddy when I don't have a pocket.  
~I have the world's dearest husband.  (Another thing I already knew.)

The hardest thing is the brief loss of independence.  I haven't tried driving yet, and so am dependent on Husband to take me places and bring me stuff.  I absolutely hate bothering people and abhor neediness which is not necessarily one of my good traits.  Sometimes I have to get over it and accept a hand ...... or a foot ....... now and then. 

I appreciate all the kind comments from friends who are wishing me a speedy recovery.  I plan to do just that.

Oh, and ...... Merry Christmas.