Thursday, June 30, 2016

It's haaaawwwt!

If I could live in weather that maxed out around 68 degrees(f) each day, I would be in my own personal heaven.  There's nothing like a chilly briskness on an early morning walk or a cool breeze wafting through an open window.  (Don't you love the word wafting?  So soothing.)

The whole point, or so I thought, when we embarked upon this full-time RVing thing, is to follow the weather.  Go north in the summer and south in the winter.  It seemed so simple as we blithely moved out of our fully air-conditioned house and into this rolling metal box.  Well, we are quite north at the moment .... within a couple of hours of the Canadian border in upper Washington state., and it has been 95 degrees for several days.  When camping unhooked (see previous post) .... we CAN turn on the generator to enable the noisy AC to drown out the sound of the river nearby.  But then all our tent-dwelling neighbors would get to listen to it too and I doubt they would share in the joy of our comfort.

"Oh yeah", said the waitress last night when I inquired if this weather is normal in these parts.  "Nineties, hundred.  Sometimes we reach 115."  ........ The misting sprayers mounted outside the restaurant, meant to cool passersby (and to frizz my hair), should have been a clue.  I hadn't seen misters since we were in Moab, Utah, a town that sits squarely in the desert.  At least in Moab, one expects it to be hot. 

Hot weather brings out my inner grumpy demons.  And for good reason.  Who likes being sweaty and sticky?  Who likes watching their skin wrinkle and age as it's cooked in the sun?  We all know what excessive sun does to pretty much everything -- tires, paint, curtains, unwatered potted plants ..... relentless fading and parching.  My young granddaughter, who obviously carries my DNA, used to insist on wearing a coat outside in the summer, thinking it would interrupt the sun's rays that were bearing down on her.  At least she understands that something unpleasant is happening and it definitely needs fixing.  I remember learning in a long-ago chemistry class, that heat speeds up molecules .... or some type of tiny particles, as they bounce against each other.  That didn't make sense to me, because heat leaves me flopped on the couch or lying next to a fan.  Or schlepping through Safeway soaking in their AC.  The only speed involved is how quickly I can peel off all unnecessary layers of clothing .... (at home, not in the store).
My inner demons also resent people who like hot weather.  Somehow, and I can't explain it, sun-worshippers are an affront to those of us who are feeling panicked over a three digit forecast.  That somehow, again no explanation, they are responsible and owe us an apology.  So if you are one of them, don't be surprised by the squinty, annoyed glare you may receive from those of us who are cowering under SPF 500.  The next time you feel like prattling on about how much you luuuuuuvvvvv the dog days of summer, when eggs can fry on pavement, save it for the crowd working on their tans outside on the sun deck.  Because it's too darn hot, our demons have taken over, and we Eskimos don't want to hear it.

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  1. But the BEST part of summer is the late evening running. HEAVEN!