Thursday, August 6, 2015

Move over running, hiking, backpacking, camping, etc., etc.... Make room for MOTORCYCLING

Yes, you read that correctly.

Who knew?  Not me, for sure.  I would have been among the last to predict this one.

Explanation:  Husband is highly susceptible to his friends.   If they're doing it and it looks fun, he wants in.  Simple.As.That.
He owned a bike for a few minutes (it seemed) many years ago in a past non-motorcycle-trained life, due to the dubious influence of a previous group of friends, but after a truck nearly cut him off on the highway, he sold it.  Nope.  Too scary.

Enter a new, updated group of motorcycling friends and the conversation reopened at home.  I was in the Dead-Set-Against-It camp.  After nearly losing a dear friend in a deer-related accident ..... I mean .... really??

But after much study, thought, and discussion..... I softened because there is a LOT one can do to lower the risk:

1.  Ride a bike equipped with something called ABS brakes.  Heaven only knows what those are, but if you have them, your odds of a crash are immediately lowered 37%.
2.  Be smart.  Take classes.  Practice.  Don't start on a bike too big or powerful to handle.
3.  Learn from the experts.  Take more classes.  You're never done with the learning and practicing.
4.  Dress for it.  Wear the complete head-to-toe protective gear.  This includes full-face helmets, made-for-motorcycling coat and pants, boots and gloves.  And if it's hot outside ..... sorry.  Wear them anyway.  "All the gear, all the time" is the motto.
5.  Be visible.  Our jackets are bright, neon yellow.  The bike, as you can see, is orange .... although that was just luck on our part.  The other bike on the short list was already sold.

I love this guy.  
I quickly realized that if I started banking a dollar for every time someone tells me, "No matter how careful you are .... you cannot control the other drivers on the road.".... I would soon collect enough money to buy some really cute designer shoes.  So in other words, yes, you're completely right ...... and we know.  That's the first lesson of Motorcycling 101.  The Husband takes this very seriously.  I was not even allowed on the back seat until he had put in over 1000 miles of riding.   He set up his own drill course in a large empty parking lot and spent hours weaving around and through "cones", which were actually tennis balls, cut in half.  And even I, as the backseat rider, am responsible to watch the surroundings as well.   We know that even though we are almost embarrassingly bright and flashy out there, we are to assume that no one sees us and plan for it.  So bottom line .... there ARE a lot of accidents involving injury and death, BUT according to the stats, you can move yourself well away from the high-risk group.

However, due to all this new info, I now find myself critiquing other bikers, bless their Harley-loving hearts.  MOST of them don't cover up enough to protect their non-invincible skin.  TOO MANY of them speed or dart between lanes and cars as if all other vehicles on the road are made of harmless pixie dust.  And again TOO MANY aren't very visible in their black leather duds.   It's easy to see why so many accidents happen and why the whole lifestyle has a bad rep.   So I apologize if you feel judged, but the truth is .... we care.  We want everyone to ride happily into old age.  And please know, that Biker-Husband has done, and will continue to do, everything reasonably possible to keep us safe..... short of staying home and missing out on something completely AWESOME.

And AWESOME it is!  Wow!  I had no idea!

Next post:  The trip.


  1. I must appreciate the way you have express your feelings through your blog!
    PPC Expert

  2. I was wondering how all the motorcycle stuff started! You crack me up!! Love that you two are having so much fun together. Take lots of pictures!! :)